On the Ferry

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Getting to one of Scotland's many Islands, and indeed a few parts of the mainland, usually involves a crossing on some sort of ferry. It can be a small passenger boat with limited or no shelter, or a large drive on drive off type ferry. You can be on the ferry for as little as a couple of minutes, or in some cases for more than half a day.

Travelling by ferry is not the same as travelling by bus, train or even say aeroplane. Some dread it, some endure it, but I suspect many like myself, on most routes anyway, rather enjoy it.

There's a real sense of travel. You know that often the journey marks a real change. The move from mainland life to island life, or vice versa. A change in culture, a different pace, getting away from it all, even different weather. The ferry is where you make the transformation from one way of life, from doing one thing to doing another.

And of course what tourist visiting the islands can resist taking a snap or two on the ferry. So here's a few of mine. Enjoy your trip!