(and around about)

The famous Nardini Cafe 2006

Shorefront flats

Nardini Cafe 2007

Brisbane Bridge

Looking over to Cumbrae and Arran

Storm defences

Pencil bay

The Pencil

Nardini Cafe 2008

Woolworths 2008, now a Tesco

Bomb scare at the pier 2008

Clydeport, Hunterston

My usual evening walk

Viking festival fair

The new pier

Routenburn Golf Course


Victoria Wine closed in 2009

As did Haddows

Self Portrait

Stravaigers gathering boxing day 2009

Routen Burn Golf Course winter 2009

Hunterston Power Station

Fairlie and Largs

Rigging Hill

The hideous new slipway at Pencil Bay

Gogo burn threatening to burst it's banks

Self Portrait

Promenade after January 2012 stroms


Jalbum 8.1