Scotland United Against Terror

   Scotland protests against terrorism after
   the Glasgow Airport attack
   Organised by the Muslim Council of Scotland
   Muslim Council of Scotland

   Peace picnic outside Defence Munitions, Beith

   Part of Stop the Arms Trade Week
   4th of June 2006

   Act for peace

    Justice for Gordon Gentle   

    One thousand people marched through the
    Pollok housing estate, Glasgow, to protest
    against the war on Iraq. Demonstration called
    by the Justice for Gordon Gentle Campaign.

   No Blood for Oil!
   Over 100,000 people trun out in Glasgow
   to take part in one of the 100's of anti-war
   demos taking place round the world
   on the 15th of Febuary 2003.
   Stop the war coalition

   Anti-war Demo, George Square 19/10/02

   Up tp 15,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Glasgow
   to say no to war in Iraq.
   Stop the war coalition