Hands around Faslane

   500 protestors form a peace chain around
   Faslane Naval Base to mark 40 years since
   the first nuclear patrol left the base

   Protest in Harmony

   Edinburgh based radical singing group 'Protest
   in Harmony' at Faslane Naval Base. Doing their
   bit for Faslane 365
   Protest in Harmony

   Carry on up the Clyde

    Images of the mass blockade of the Faslane nuclear
    weapons base that took place on the 23rd of august 2004.
    For more information see  Trident Ploughshares

   The Really Big Blockade

   Pictures from the Really Big Blockade of Faslane Naval Base
    in 2003.
   Organised by Trident Ploughshares and Scottish CND.
   Trident Ploughshares

   The Big Blockade 2002, Faslane Naval Base.
   Pictures from three days of protest at the UK's Trident nuclear
   weapons base. 11,12,13th Febuary 2002
   Called by Trident Ploughshares, Faslane Peace Camp,
   Scottish CND and British CND.
   Trident Ploughshares