Viva Palestine!

   Scottish demonstration in response the murder of 9
   unarmed aid workers from many different countries who
   had been sailing to Gaza with humanitarian aid
   in an attempt to break Israel's illegal blockade on Gaza.

   BBC Sit In

   The BBC has refused to broadcast a humanitarian
   appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee.
   In response protestors stage a sit in at BBC
   Scotland's headquarters   25-01-09

   Boycott Lloyds TSB

   Lloyds TSB refuse to clear cheques from the
   charity Interpal effectively closing them down.

   Stop the Bombing, National Demo - Edinburgh   

   Thousands march through Edinburgh calling
   for an end to the Israeli Invasion of Gaza
   Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

   Stop the Bombing - Glasgow

   Demonstration in Glasgow calling for an
   immediate end to the bombing in Gaza
   Stop the war coalition