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This is a slide show of just a few of the photographs that feature in the 'High Hopes' gallery, as well as some from my 'Scottish refugee related pictures' gallery. It's difficult to tell the story of one without the other.

The slide show starts back in 2002, long before I stumbled across the amazing communities that surrounds the Kingsway Court high rise estate.

It all started, back in the spring of 2002, with a feature on Newsnight Scotland about the recently opened Dungavel Detention Centre in near Strathaven. I'd recently bought a camera, and I had a feeling that I like to try doing something other than just taking pictures of friends and family, the surrounding landscape etc, but other than vague ideas I didn't really have any specific subject in mind.

I'd found the Newsnight article disturbing. Why were people who had committed no crime being locked up in Scotland in this prison - which our government likes to call a 'detention centre'. This prison was different, it housed children as well as adults, nor did there seem to be any time limit for which a person, or persons, could be locked up for. And what was it, what was this terrible thing that these people had done? All they were doing was trying to find a future, a little hope, fleeing the death, persecution, violence, trafficking, poverty and war that Martin touches on in his introduction.

I noted down the name of the fella featured in the clip, and the following day I made some phone calls. I couldn't get his phone number so I left messages here and there, and waited, and waited for the phone to ring. About a month later Jim Henry, the fella in the clip called me, and unwitting I set out on my journey.....................

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