Festival Court, Brand street
Photographs from actions, demonstrations and vigils
at the Glasgow immigration office
2-11-05    22-11-05
14-12-05    15-12-05

Festival Court

Festival Court 2-11-05

Pastor Daly

Journalists interview Mr Sheridan MSP via a phone link

Refugees are unable to sign on

Peter Mullan arrives

Paddy Hill

The office is locked down

Mohammed Naveen Asif

Paddy Hill


Brand Street


The church men, the politician and the charity worker


Locked up, again!

Robina Qureshi and Rev David McLachlan

It won't come off!


Rev David McLachlan

Robina Qureshi

Pastor Daly

Saida Vucaj adresses those gathered

This woman has been asked to report to brand street

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