Stills from the Camcorder Guerilla film

Those Left Behind

Sighthill festival

Glasgow Carnival

School picture os Saida

Saida Vucaj

High rise block at Kingsway Court


Birthday party at Kingsway Community Centre

Saida with her Mum

Vigil against dawn raids

The demo days after the Vucaj family were deported

The Home Office, Glasgow, early morning vigil

Before dawn at Kingsway

Noreen Real, neighbour of the Vucaj family

Noreen shows me photographs of happier times

It says Pass This HEART 2 All ur FRNDS & Also ME

Saida takes a self portrait with my camera

Jamie O'Neill, he went to school with Elvis Vucaj


Nimet Vucaj

Euan Girvan, School teacher

We interview three of Saida's friends for the film

The interview takes it's toll

Saida, Tirana, April 2006

Albanian by birth, Scottish by upbringing, Saida still asks "when can I come home?"

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