Kingsway Amnesty Group

Kingsway Amnesty Group head to Yarlswood Detention Centre, to visit Zahra Byansi

Faxing the airline before leaving for Yarlswood

Dawn on the M74

The group arrive at Yarlswood and pose for a quick picture

Yarlswood security

I'm told to put the camera away

The group are not allowed in to visit Zahra. Supervisor (looking out of the door) refuses to give her name.

Noreen Real is upset and angry

Noreen has travelled 360 miles - nearly 8 hours to get here

The group protest outside the gates

The enterance to Yarlswood

We have to leave Zahra behind, for now anyway

Rosie Kane MSP

Taking a break at Scotch Corner on the 8hr trip home.

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