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   High Hopes
   A series of photographs taken in
   and around some of the High
   Rise Flats in the Scotstoun and
   Knightswood areas of Glasgow


   Photos from ma wee wanders around Scotland.

   BT Red Phone Boxes

   Photographs of British Telecommunications Red Phone Boxes   
   Many have disappeared completely
   Others, no longer in use, are forgotten and rotting away
   Some lucky ones have been adopted by the community.

   Scottish refugee related pictures

   Destitution Sleep Out 2007
   Dawn Raid Vigils
   and much much more.....

   Stop Bombing Gaza

   Viva Palestine!   05-06-10
   BBC Sit In   25-01-09
   Boycott Lloyds TSB 17-01-09
   Stop the Bombing, National Demo Edinburgh 10-01-09
   Stop the Bombing - Glasgow 03-01-09

   The Loony Dook

   Loony Dooks fom 2006-2012!

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