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    Camcorder Guerillas

    The world premier of 'Dungavel, Monster
    of the Glen', at the Glasgow Film Theatre
   Camcorder Guerillas
   Glasgow Film Theatre

   Public Meeting, They Belong to Glasgow
   20/10/05 public meeting calling for the  
   Vucaj family to be returned home to Glasgow
   Included film footage of Peter Mullan and
   Robina Qureshi's fact finding trip to Albania
   Positive Action in Housing

   They belong to Glasgow
   1000 people march through Glasgow for 
   the Vucaj family and others like them
   See Positive Action in Housing for further info.

   Camcorder Guerillas
   Dungavel, Monster of the Glen. 
   Puppet and Sums for Beginers 
   shoot.   22/09/05     See Camcorder Guerillas for further info.

   Camcorder Guerillas    Dungavel film
   Opening sequence shoot 01/03/05
   Camcorder Guerillas

    No more suicides, end detention now!

    Demonstration on the 1st of august 2004, called by
    The Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees,
    after the tragic death of a 23 year old Vietnamese
    man at the prison

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