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   Friends of the Refugees Ayrshire
   Pictures taken at some of the many FReA gatherings
   outside Dungavel Detention Centre in protest at the
   incarceration of refugees and asylum seekers.
   Innocent men, women and children including babies
   are often detained for 12mnths or more.
   Friends of the Refugees Ayrshire

   STUC, Close Dungavel Now!

   Scottish Trades Union Council demonstration
   calling for the closure of Dungavel Detention Centre
    for refugees and asylum seekers.

    See STUC for further info.

   Dungavel Bail Fund

   Press conference by PAIH and the Scottish arts community
   to launch the Dungavel Bail fund.

   See PAIH   and    Close Dungavel Now!

   Positive Action in Housing

   Break the Silence
   Public meeting held by PAIHconcerning the imprisonment
   of refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland at Dungavel.

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